Yuma-Mexicali Manufacturers Forum Bi-National Partnership

Yuma-Mexicali Manufacturers Forum Bi-National Partnership

Yuma, Arizona, with strategic logistics and manufacturing processes, is a key location for Mexicali industrial activities, due to its dynamic local economy, quality living standard, tax incentives and labor force of 190,000.

Mayor of Yuma, Douglas Nicholls during Greater Yuma Economic Development Corporation’s “Yuma-Mexicali Manufacturers Alliance” kick off.

“Our organization is ready to assist Mexicali and Baja California companies interested in benefiting from Yuma’s tax breaks, workforce grants, incentive funds, income tax credits and key location for logistics.” – Julie Engel, President and CEO of Greater Yuma.

Victor Hidalgo, President of the Mexicali Aerospace Cluster.
Gulfstream, United Technology, GKN Aerospace, Honeywell, Rockwell-Collis, among other aerospace companies in Mexicali, could consider  Yuma as a potential twin plant business model for logistics and process.

Francisco Fiorentini, Executive Vice President of PIMSA,  briefing Yuma business community on Mexicali manufacturing activities.

>From left to right, Greg Wilkinson, City of Yuma Administrator; Troy Eckard, President of Eckard Commercial Construction Inc., and Jay Clinger, President of Streamline Enterprises Incorporated.

From left to right, Efrain Ortiz and German Huerta of Baja California State Government Economic Development Authorities, Erick Hernandez and Xavier Rivas of PIMSA, Mario Jauregui of Spindle Cooling & Warehousing, and Robert Rojo of Northwestern Industries Inc.

Juan Carlos Lares of Index and Raul Rosas of Traust were some of the attendants from Mexicali.

Mayor of Yuma, Douglas Nicholls, and Xavier Rivas, PIMSA’s VP of Development.
“PIMSA is now present in Yuma. We have entered a lease agreement with Martech Mexicali, now operating a twin plant concept business model between Mexicali and Yuma. Our plans now include the Imperial Valley, soon.” – Xavier Rivas.

Key players of the Yuma-Mexicali Manufacturing Alliance:

  • Mayor Douglas Nichols, City of  Yuma
  • Mayor Gustavo Sanchez, City of Mexicali
  • Greater Yuma Economic Development Corporation
  • Baja California State Government Economic Development (SEDECO)
  • Yuma Chamber of Commerce
  • Index Mexicali
  • Promexico
  • CDI Mexicali
  • Baja California Aerospace Cluster
  • PIMSA Industrial Developers