Update on Space capsule parachute test at YPG:

NASA drop 2 June 14

Space capsule parachute success at YPG

The parachute designed for NASA’s Orion space capsule passed a complex test
this week at Yuma Proving Ground, with more tests still to come. The test
took place early in the morning yesterday.

At the start of Wednesday’s run-through, a test version of the Orion craft
was pulled out of a C-17 aircraft, 35,000 feet above the proving ground.
The craft went into a 10-second free fall, and then the parachute system was
triggered to slow its descent. Engineers rigged the system with a built-in
malfunction to see if it could tolerate failure, which it seemed to handle
with no problem.

The Orion test craft touched down safely in a desert drop zone. The Orion
is scheduled to fly into space in December of this year.

Chuck Wullenjohn
Public Affairs Officer
U.S. Army Yuma Proving Ground