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Located on the border of four states (Arizona, California, San Luis, Rio Colorado MX and Mexicali MX) and two countries (United States and Mexico), Yuma  is a natural transportation hub with over 52 million consumers within a one day truck haul east/west via Interstate 8 or north/south via US Highway 95. Serviced by 14 major trucking companies, within 150 miles of a deep water port (LA/Long Beach) and direct access to Union Pacific’s high velocity “Sunset Route” makes Yuma a strategic location for movement of goods.


*New* International Commercial Port of Entry

  • 8 commercial processing lanes for inspection, enforcement and commercial loading and unloading
  • SENTRI fast lanes and CTPAT
  • FAST Lane (Free and Secure Trade)
  • A bypass for oversize vehicles
  • 25 commercial docks with five enclosed for temperature controlled offloads
  • An export facility with six docks
  • A vehicle and Cargo inspection System (VACIS) gamma ray and X ray inspection building

Yuma International Airport Serves the Country

Yuma International Airport serves the Yuma region with inbound and outbound flights per day to  Phoenix. US Airways is the premiere carrier that can connect you to any city in the country within a 45 minute flight from Yuma.


April 2016 6,833
May 2016 6,083
June 2016 5,807



April 2016 5,998
May 2016 5,849
June 2016 5.561

Transportation Maps


UP Railroad Service Units & Regions


Yuma Radius Map


FedEx Shipping maps


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