Cost of Doing Business

Business Friendliness

A pro-business environment has been cultivated at the State and local level in Yuma. Progressive reductions in corporate income tax, commercial property tax ratio and depreciation schedules are but a few of the legislative advances taken to ensure companies located in Arizona are not burdened with additional cost that stagnate growth.

Metropolitan Area State Sales County Sales Effective Property Tax Rate Personal Income Low Personal Income High
Yuma 5.60% 1.10% 1.89% 2.59% 4.54%

Source:  Federation of Tax Administrators, State Tax Rates 2011, Various state revenue departments, 2011.

Metropolitan Area Sales Tax *Corporate **Unemployment Insurance Workmans Comp Inventory Tax
Yuma 8.40% 6.97% 2.00% 1.71 No

Source:  Research Institute of America, All States Tax Handbook, 2011; Oregon Dept of Consumer and Business Services, 2010.
*Rate to be reduced to 4.7% by 2017. Based on net income
**Based on % of payroll. Wage Base $7,000

Expedited Permitting!

The City and County of Yuma pride themselves on 30 day permitting of all commercial projects based upon timely applicant completion of required forms.