Ready Now Yuma Website Showcased to YUHSD Board

2013-11-13 23:46:30

A website all about Ready Now Yuma was recently launched with the purpose of highlighting the ins and outs of the Yuma Union High School District initiative.

The website, built in partnership with the Helios Education Foundation, was showcased at a YUHSD governing board meeting Wednesday.

Matt Buckley, who was introduced at the meeting as the new director of community engagement and communications for the district, explained that the aim of the website,, is to educate the public on what the program is all about.

“If someone wants to know what YUHSD is really about and what this initiative is about, it really does go into detail and depth about what we’re doing as a district and what we expect of our teachers and the people who work for us,” he said.

Having previously worked at Kofa High School as a Ready Now Yuma coach, he said that he has a good idea of the types of questions that come in about the program, not just from parents, but from students and staff.

There is also a Ready Now Resource Center aspect of the website that highlights the different pathways available to students, college and career planning tools, information on testing and scholarships.

In addition to being an education tool, he said that the website will also be invaluable for recruiting new teachers.

Being recruited to the district himself almost seven years ago, he said that a website such as this would have been convenient for him if he were looking to get a better understanding of how things are done at YUHSD.

After a soft launch of the website took place in October, corrections were made based on feedback from district leadership, school administrators, school counselors and students.
Now, the website is going out to parents and the community and will be open for public feedback.

“We’re still at a point to where we’re tweaking just a few minor things; we really want to see it evolve. The more suggestions that we can receive, the better off the site is going to be and that’s an invitation extended to anyone. Any feedback would be great.”

Buckley shared that they are looking at direct text messaging parents because they can reach about 8,000 cell phones at once, or also by e-mail or voicemail, directing them to take a look at the new website.

He concluded that while the website thoroughly looks at all aspects of Ready Now Yuma – with different sections geared individually toward students, parents, educators and the community – they are continuing to encourage members of the public members to see the program in action for themselves through the campus tour program.

“To me, it doesn’t really hit reality until you see it in action, in the classroom.”

In other meeting news, athletic trainers from district high schools presented the board with a recently created athletic training handbook that will provide a continuity of care for students between campuses.

Kathy Hoover, P.E. teacher and athletic trainer at Kofa High School, explained that it provides trainers with guidance on all situations from concussions and heat strokes to things like a case of ringworm on a wrestler.

“Having looked it over … there’s so much in it that’s helpful not just to trainers and coaches and student athletes, but to teachers – because sometimes these situations occur in just a normal setting,” said Superintendent Toni Badone.

“It is commendable that our professionals saw a need and remedied the need collaboratively and efficiently. We appreciate and recognize the leadership of our district athletic trainers.”

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