PIMSA’s New Location: International Industrial Developers, LLC.

International Industrial Developers LLC - PIMSA INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPERS tarjeta

PIMSA Industrial Developers, headquartered in Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico, is turning 50 years providing world class buildings and industrial intelligence services to manufacturing companies around the globe, and we are celebrating by expanding our locations to Yuma, Arizona, USA, under the name of International Industrial Developers, LLC. , a corporation owned by PIMSA.
Our first corporate tenant is Martech Medical Products.

“The Three Amigos”, Mexicali businessmen Mr. Ignacio Guajardo, Mr. Hector Sada and Mr. Mario Hernandez, had the vision of founding PIMSA 50 years ago, the first industrial park in northwest Mexico.


Now we are ready to serve manufacturers from the Mega Region surrounding Mexicali, with buildings located in Yuma and in the Imperial Valley.

We are convinced of Peter Drucker’s Production Sharing Program, where Mexico and USA share manufacturing processes to improve competitiveness.

“Mexicali, Imperial Valley, California, and Yuma, Arizona are ripe for Production Sharing Manufacturing. We invite the international industrial community to consider this solid location as a gateway to a 63 million resident market, an economy of 3.353 trillion dollar, the most attractive US-Mexico Mega Region” – Xavier Rivas of PIMSA.

International Industrial Developers LLC - PIMSA INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPERS- US-Mexico

PIMSA appreciates the support given by Julie Engel, President of Greater Yuma EDC, Carlo Bonfante Secretary of Economic Development of the State of Baja California SEDECO, Eduardo Gonzalez of ProMexico in Arizona, and Tracy Shultz, VP of Marthec Medical Products.

International Industrial Developers LLC - PIMSA INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPERSMartech Medical

We welcome Martech-Yuma as a sister company of Martech-Mexicali.

Continuing the momentum of 50 years, PIMSA is ready to support innovated ecosystems for the new 4.0 industrial era!