Sonora Mexico

About Sonora Mexico

sonora-mexicoClosest to Yuma Arizona, the City of San Luis Rio Colorado was awarded city status in July 1958.  The City is strategically located right in the corner of the intersection of California, Arizona, Baja, and Sonora Mexico. The City of San Luis Rio Colorado boasts a population of over 160,000, and the Region is comprised of a population of nearly 200,000.  It is the 3rd largest municipality within the State of Sonora.  The municipality covers an area of 3,248 square miles in the Sonoran Desert, and is located about 75 km from Mexicali, Baja California.

  • Bordered by California, Arizona, New Mexico and Baja California
  • Population of 2,755,258
  • 31 miles of beachfront on the Sea of Cortez
  • Over 7 million tourists visit each year
  • Scenic beach route on newly constructed Highway 2
  • More than 80,000 acres in fruit and vegetable production

Doing Business in San Luis Rio Colorado Region

doing-business-san-luis-coloradoSan Luis Rio Colorado is one of the safest border communities on the US/Mexico Border.

  • Over 1 million sqft available for lease or sale starting at $0.20 USD/sqft.
  • Abundant, skilled and low-cost workforce
  • Working population in City of San Luis Rio Colorado is 55,000+
  • Direct labor cost averages $2.50 USD per hour (fully loaded)
  • Over 600 International Maquiladoras operating in the region
  • Newest commercial land port of entry between Mexico and the US.