Nissan Announces an Autonomous Car by 2020

Nissan announces an autonomous car by 2020

Nissan announced this week that it plans to offer an autonomous by 2020. The announcement was made by the CEO of Nissan, Carlos Ghosn, at the US headquarters of Nissan in Irving, California.

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Charles JolicoeurAutoGOPublished on 2013/09/01
Self-driving cars seem to be getting closer to becoming a reality. With technologies such as Cadillac’s Supercruise system and Google’s autonomous car, drivers may not have to wait very long before being able to keep back and relax as their car drives them to work on its own.Nissan joined the fray this week by announcing the arrival of an autonomous car by 2020. The Japanese manufacturer has even started to build a test facility dedicated to autonomous cars in Japan which should be operational sometime next year.
The Nissan technology that will allow a vehicle to drive itself will be called Autonomous Drive. Nissanhas been testing the device with the help of engineers from MIT, Stanford and Oxford on Nissan Leaf models. The technology uses Nissan’s Around-View system in combination with lasers that constantly scan the environment around the car. Artificial intelligence systems collect data captured by the cameras and lasers to operate and maneuver the vehicle safely, according to Nissan.
According to several studies, the majority of accidents are caused by human error. That’s what motivates Nissan and other manufacturers to develop new technologies that will be able to prevent these errors and improve safety for every driver.