Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

icon-leaf-whiteYuma has become a hot bed for solar development due toArizona’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) demands that 15% of the state’s energy generate from renewable sources by 2025 and California’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) requiring the nation’s most aggressive mandate of 33% by 2025. Our radient temperature scale of 7.8 also makes Yuma one of the premiere radiation sites in the world for solar plants. Companies such as First Solar, Arizona Public Service and Bright Source are at different stages of their utility scale developments which incorporate varying technologies for power generation.


AWC Solar Research Park

AWC has partnered with Arizona Public Service, Main Street Power and PPA Partners to install a 5 MW solar installation second to none in the United States on the main campus of Arizona Western College. Primarily designed as a testing and educational installation, this project will allow AWC to harness the area’s climatologically unique features to generate approximately 100% of its daytime electricity needs. AWC is poised to become a leader in renewable energy technology and education, with support from corporate partners and Arizona Public Service.

Project Scope

  • Five 1-megawatt arrays of different technologies make this educational and research project unique in the world, and the third largest solar installation on a community college campus.
  • 4.995 megawatts—new installation
  • 105.6 kilowatts—existing rooftop array at AWC
  • Will test 5 distinct solar technologies
  • Single and dual tracking deployment
  • No water consumption requirement
  • Most participating technologies boast small cradle to grave footprint with 97% recyclable components
  • Most participating technologies use existing materials (no toxic or rare items) making manufacture economically sustainable
  • 3rd party data monitoring by Also Energy will control consistent data feed

Advantages All Advantages

Yuma County permitting for utility scale solar projects is less than 60 days
National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL): ranks AZ best for potential solar capacity
Yuma has an annual Direct Normal Solar Radiation of 7.0 to 7.5 kWh/m</day

Major Employers All Major Employers

  • First Solar
  • NRG
  • APS

Cost of Doing BUSINESS All Cost Information

Metro Area First-Line Supervisors Assemblers & Fabricators Machinists Welders Production Supervisors
Yuma $23.20 $11.46 $19.11 $16.59 $22.61
Los Angeles $24.24 $15.30 $25.41 $16.55 $35.78
Riverside / San Bernardino $27.76 $14.69 $24.15 $16.63 $33.76

incentives All Incentives

Property Tax Assessment for Renewable Energy Property

Renewable energy equipment owned by utilities and other entities operating in Arizona is assessed at 20% of its depreciated cost for the purpose of determining property tax.

New Market Tax Credits

Below market  interest loans guaranteed by federal  government for the purpose of stimulating development in rural communities. Companies utilizing New Market Tax Credits pay on the interest only of the loan for seven years. After the 7th year, the loan is forgiven and the company is  awarded the principal and equity of the loan. 

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Renewable Energy