Food Technology & Agribusiness

Food Technology and Agribusiness in Yuma

icon-agribusinessA $3.2 Billion/year agribusiness industry forms the foundation of Yuma County. Yuma’s Agribusiness sector is responsible for supplying the United States with 80% of its winter, leafy vegetables while also being the largest producer of crops in the State of Arizona. The University of Arizona-Yuma Agricultural Extension offers multiple degrees in Food Production, Food Management and Food Safety.


Advantages All Advantages

Senior water rights to the Colorado River water
(1/3 of Arizona Allocation)
A 350 day growing season with sunshine 95% of the year
38,000,000+ gallons surplus of potable municipal water for industrial usage
Grows annually 150 different types of crops
The integrated dairy and milk processing operations provides 700,000 gallons of fluid milk each month

Major Employers in Agribusiness All Major Employers

  • Advanced Cooling Systems
  • Americas Choice
  • DSA-Yuma Cooling LLC (Driscolls)
  • Earthbound Farm Organic
  • Fresh Leaf Farms
  • Lydia’s Specialty Fruit & Produce
  • Associated Citrus Packers, Inc.
  • Marlin Packing Co.
  • Mission Citrus
  • Datepac
  • Medgood Dates Marthas Gardens
  • and many others...

Cost of Doing Business in Yuma All Cost Information

Cost is a major consideration when a company chooses a location. Tax burden, utility costs, the cost of wages and workers’ compensation insurance, as well as rental costs for office and industrial space, are also factors. Yuma has consistently proven that it is a top choice of business owners.

Metro Area First-Line Supervisors Assemblers & Fabricators Machinists Welders Production Workers
Yuma $23.20 $8.71 $36.84 $16.59 $8.86
Los Angeles $24.24 $12.28 $17.09 $16.55 $14.63
Riverside/San Bernardino $27.76 $12.81 $19.09 $16.63 $13.87

Featured Incentives All incentives


The City of Yuma has created a performance based incentive fund designed to encourage new business development, business expansions and relocations.


Yuma’s Workforce Board offers programs that cover the entire costs of employee training,including teaching, materials, equipment and other       expenses. Companies can additionally qualify for reimbursement of 50% employee salaries paid during training for up to 6 months.