GYEDC warns of offers to bid on project

By Chris McDaniel | Posted: Friday, June 20, 2014 5:59 pm

The Greater Yuma Economic Development Corporation (GYEDC) is encouraging local business owners and investors to be wary of anyone who urges them to bid on a vertically integrated grocer currently being proposed.

According to GYEDC, a man has been contacting various architects and engineers in Imperial and Yuma Counties and asking them to wire him $5,000 to bid on the project. He has reportedly been referencing GYEDC during the calls.

“The company that he is representing is a made-up company, and he is just name dropping GYEDC to try and give himself some credibility,” said Julie Engel, GYEDC President and CEO.

It is important for the development community to be aware of this situation because the project is “being touted as legitimate,” Engel added.

Engel encourages anyone contacted and asked to bid on the vertically integrated grocer to contact GYEDC before making any decisions or wiring money.

GYEDC can be reached at 928-782-7774.