GYEDC Asks Community for Help in Locating Economic Prospects

2013-02-06 16:18:00

Having an existing relationship with a company is the greatest formula for success in convincing that company to relocate here, says Yuma’s lead economic developer.

“In our efforts to solicit companies from California, we have learned many of the pitfalls that can befall economic development professionals in these attempts,” said Julie Engel, president and CEO of Greater Yuma Economic Development Corp. “The key to success is speaking to the right individuals in the company who can influence, or better yet, make the decision to relocate to a new geographic area.”

“We hear ‘Oh, I worked for them’ or ‘My brother-in-law works for that company.’ We’re looking for that missing piece that will open the door for us,” Engel said.

Therefore, GYEDC has turned to the community for help in reaching the right person, she said, “and having an introduction made on our behalf in order to begin the conversation of promoting Yuma County’s assets.”

To that end, GYEDC has compiled a list of companies in Southern California that fit within the target industries identified by the organization’s board of directors and strategic committee. The list is comprised of companies that employ 50 or fewer people in the food processing, manufacturing and aerospace industries.

“Currently, there is a good supply of buildings in the Yuma County market that can accommodate companies of this size, along with an available workforce that can meet the needs of these industries,” Engel said.

The list is available at–Company-List.pdf.

It includes 12 pages of companies.

GYEDC is asking community members to review the list for acquaintances as well as working relationships.

But time is of the essence. She would like to hear from anyone who has any connection with any of the companies on the list by Monday for the next Strategic Committee meeting, but she will accept information until Feb. 28.

People with information are asked to contact Greg LaVann, GYEDC senior project manger, at 782-7774 or glavann@greater

“We hope we can garner solid leads from this comprehensive list of companies,” Engel said.