County Picks Local Vendor For $133,000 Purchase

Yuma County will be buying a 2014 Peterbilt cab and chassis from a local vendor.

Greg Ferguson, chairman of the Board of Supervisors, made sure that the public knew that the county was making the purchase from a local dealer, Rush Peterbilt of Yuma.

The item was part of Monday’s consent agenda, but Ferguson pulled it in order to highlight it.

“I want to bring to everyone’s attention how easy it is when people cooperate and get on these lists, it goes right through,” Ferguson said. “It’s local. The system does work when people use it.”

The county has been criticized in the past for not purchasing from local dealers. However, the supervisors have argued that it’s hard to buy locally when Yuma vendors don’t participate in procurement contracts, which usually offer the lowest bids on purchases.

Ferguson thanked the Public Works Department “for shopping local. I’m sure the chamber appreciates that too,” he said.

The department had asked for authorization to buy the new equipment through the Houston-Galveston Area Council Purchasing Cooperative for $132,745. The cooperative offered the lowest price for the equipment, according to Public Works.

The department owns three 1984 4,000-gallon water trucks, each with an estimated mileage of more than 800,000. The trucks are used for gravel road maintenance and “dewatering” streets after storms, according to a staff report.

With the age and daily usage of the trucks, they have become prone to costly repairs and are worn out. The department researched ways to replace one of the trucks for several months, the report stated.

Ferguson also pulled from the consent agenda a resolution in support of General Motors activities in the county. Noting that his father is a retired 30-year United Auto worker, he wanted to “recognize the importance GM has to our community.”

The resolution, which was adopted by the supervisors, applauded the development of GM’s desert testing site, located at Yuma Proving Ground, and its $120 million investment in the county, which have created jobs and an economic impact that will be felt for decades.

However, the first bit of business at the meeting was selecting the chairman and vice chairman for the coming year. The board reelected Greg Ferguson as chairman and Russell McCloud as vice chairman.

In other action, the supervisors accepted $757,748 in funds from the Arizona Department of Homeland Security for the Sheriff’s office. The funds will cover overtime and mileage for ongoing border activities as part of the Operation Stonegarden Grant Program.

In addition, the Sheriff’s Office will receive $169,375 from AZDOHS to cover radios user fees, radio and computer equipment, as part of the same operation.

Also, the supervisors approved a budget increase of $155,000 for a project that will replace County 19th Street over the Main Drain Bridge. The increase will accommodate the lowest bid, which was higher than the engineer’s estimate. The lowest bid received by ADOT was for $995,168 from DPE, a local contractor. The engineer’s estimate was $774,132.

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