City of San Luis EDA Business Incubator

The City of San Luis, AZ is currently working on an EDA funded Business Incubator to assist small, local, start up and expanding businesses focus in producing jobs for local residents through encouraging and supporting businesses.

The 20,000 sq. ft building will have a flexible configuration. 10,000 sq. ft shall be devoted to primary incubator space, which shall consist of 1,000 sq. ft. of common office space, shared by three participants businesses and three 3,000 sq. ft spaces, which will provide housing for three businesses. The remaining 10,000 sq. ft will be configured as two 5,000 sq. ft spaces with its own office space and loading docks and entrances.

Currently, the awarded architectural firm is working on the design, which may adapt to the total number of tenants being served.  The project construction will start in February 2014 and we will open up for business on or about August of 2014.

The City is developing the business guidelines and the business application will be ready for distribution on Thursday, October 10th. The Community Development Department will be responsible for screening and intake of all tenant applicants. The criteria consist of a business presenting a business plan, secure adequate capital and present a complete and acceptable staffing plan.

The incubator will focus and encourage applicants who are engaging in light manufacturing, machining, distribution, and similar industries such as wholesale brokers, dealers, distributors, appliance repair, printing, engraving, publishing, machine and tool repairs; packing business, plumbing, electrical, refrigeration repairs and furniture builders and cabinet makers to name a few.  The incubator will not accept retail firm, but will allow sales functions to operate out of the incubator business for trade sales.

Interested businesses can request an application at the Community Development Department starting Thursday, October 10th. For further information, you may contact Jenny Torres, Community Development Director or Dania Castillo, Economic Development Assistant at (928)341-8584.