Campesinos serves as model for health outreach program


by Cesar Neyoy – Bajo El Sol
2013-06-25 22:28:00

SAN LUIS, Ariz. — Campesinos Sin Fronteras, a San Luis, Ariz.-based non-profit organization, is serving as a model for a program that will make use of health workers in the battle against cancer south of the border.

Formed in 1999, Campesinos Sin Fronteras provides a range of social services to primary migrant farmworkers’ families, one of which is a program that sends “promotoras,” or lay health workers, into neighborhoods around south Yuma County to provide health education and health-related referral services.

And now, across the border in San Luis Rio Colorado, Son., various clubs and fraternal organizations are coming together to form Alas de Fe (Wings of Faith), a campaign that will reach out in similar fashion to residents of limited means in the Mexican border city.

Given its experience in conducting cancer awareness and cancer prevention programs in the south county, Campesinos Sin Fronteras is being enlisted by Alas de Fe in the new campaign’s community outreach, said Flor Redondo, programs director for Campesinos.

“For years, through Campesinos sin Fronteras, we have collaborated with other groups to provide help to people on the other side. Concerning the fight against cancer, they have some specific programs, but we say that we replicate (in Mexico) what we do with the Promotoras program that is not now being done there.”

Redondo met recently with representatives of various clubs and organizations in San Luis Rio Colorado to give the fledgling campaign its start in the Mexican border city.

“We want to share the experience with community outreach that we have in the Promotoras program and to involve all those groups in providing support not only to cancer victims but to their families,” Redondo said. “We want them to understand that cancer is not a death sentence, but only the beginning in a struggle for life.”