APS Doubling Electrical Capacity at San Luis Substation

Feb. 20th, 2012
Cesar Neyoy

SAN LUIS, Ariz. — Arizona Public Service is doubling the capacity of one of the substations that serves this border city, in a project that utility officials say should reduce the likelihood and duration of power outages. The Baja substation, located at Avenue F and Juan Sanchez Boulevard, is doubling capacity with the addition of a 69-kilovolt line that is under construction. “The project is part of the 10-year plan that is reviewed each year to determine the energy needs of the entire state,” said Andrea Bereznak, community relations manager for the utility. “San Luis is the city with second-largest demand for electricity in the county, and that demand has been increasing in each of the last two years in comparison with the other communities.” Bereznak said the $10 million project will assure the city’s energy needs during the peak months of usage in the summer and will help minimize the risks of outages. But, she stressed, outages are still possible in the event of circumstances such as extreme monsoon weather or a car accidents that damage or knock down utility poles. “A single line that provides electricity is vulnerable. What is going to help is that this new line is going provide more capacity, and if an outage does occur, it won’t last as long because we’ll have more available electricity.” With nearly 10,000 residential and commercial customers, San Luis is supplied by two substations: the Baja substation that is undergoing expansion and the San Luis station. Both are supplied by the Yucca Power Plant west of Yuma. The new 69-kilovolt line will bring power from the Waldrip substation, located on County 14-1/2 Street south of Marine Corps Air Station Yuma. In the event of an emergency, Bereznak added, APS can get electricity from the Mexico, under an agreement it has with that country’s Federal Electrical Commission.

Cesar Neyoy
Bajo El Sol
Feb. 20th, 2012