Become an Investor

Pat Abiles

Southwest Gas Corporation

Greater Yuma Economic Development Corporation is a well respected and compelling force in the community; dedicated to providing emerging and established businesses in Yuma County with the tools and resources they need to be successful. Southwest Gas Corporation is devoted to providing economic support and encouragement to the business community in the areas we serve, and we are proud to be an investor in the organization.


Sharon Gardner

Yuma Regional Medical Center

Access to quality healthcare is a fundamental concern when new business or industry considers relocating to any community. We value the opportunity to take an active role in our community’s economic future. Working collectively, we can ensure the availability of top notch medical professionals and state-of-the art facilities.


Dave Mansheim

Gowan Company

Gowan Company believes it is important to actively give back to the community and becoming an investor in the Greater Yuma EDC is one way we can do that. By becoming an active investor we work with other private and public officials to influence and shape the community on several different levels such as: Quality of Life, Economic & Community Growth, Information & Resources. Our investment in this organization is truly an investment in the communities in which we live in.


Nate Schug

Westmoor Electric

Simply stated, Greater Yuma EDC is just good business. As contractors, we have been involved in several projects for firms that have located in Yuma. Yuma is fortunate to be professionally represented by the team Greater Yuma EDC has assembled and the positive economic impact they have had on everyone living in the greater Yuma area.